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About Reflex 

Reflex is a global brand of leisure boats originally founded in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1974. 

In 1999 Reflex Chianti (pronounced "kee-ahn-tee", based on an Italian wine) was introduced to the market with the Model 515.


Since then, it has  become an instant sensation among boat users around the world.

Chianti design has won many prestigious AWARDS in boat design and customer satisfaction.

To satisfy growing demand for Reflex Boats, our dealers operate around the world including in Australia, New Zealand, European Union and Canada. 

In United States, Reflex  is sold exclusively by Blue Propeller Inc headquartered in Chino, CA and marketed under the name Reflex America.


The advanced fiberglass techniques are needed to manufacture Reflex boats.

The process of building any Reflex starts with carefully engineered, hand-laid laminate of the hull which is stiffened with specially designed liner. The structure incorporates stringers, floor bins and side braces.


The two components are chemically bonded together using methacrylate adhesive. The final result produces a bond stronger than fiberglass itself.

For added safety the resulting internal cavities are injected under immense pressure with high density, closed cell polyurethane foam. This creates an immensely strong, virtually indestructible unit that serves as a base for Chianti.

The hulls are then shipped to our warehouse in Chino, CA where we prepare them for components rigging and engine installation. 

Blue Propeller Inc and Reflex pay special attention to making sure everything on the boat is stainless steel and thru bolted.


All units are built to the U.S. Coast Guard Specifications.

Blue Propeller Inc is USCG Authorized Boat Manufacturer. 



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